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1st Clock 5.1

Clock replacement that offers a fully customizable clock display
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1st Clock is a comprehensive clock for your taskbar that shows the current time and date, and even a calendar. The program is very easy to use and intuitive, and everything is controlled from the system tray menu. The alarms can be completely customized with the ability to add recurrence, display a message, add reminders, and play sounds. The sounds can be built-in melodies, your own songs in multiple audio formats, and audio CD tracks. You can even launch documents and programs. There's even a button to add quick reminders to go off in 5, 15, 30, minutes, etc. What is more, from the clock options you can customize clock format, size, color and fonts, tooltips, among others. Regarding the calendar, by default it appears when you make a right click on the system tray clock. The program allows you to completely customize its appearance, including its positions and show options. It even shows the moon phase and the alarms. In addition to this, the application offers many time server types to choose from. Other customization options are keyboard shortcuts, mouse functions, alarms, shell, etc.
In short, 1st Clock is a complete clock that will cover all your daily needs and surely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Fully customizable
  • Includes alarms and reminders
  • Includes a calendar


  • Doesn't include a desktop clock
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